Meta data for i-LIDS, ETHZ and ViPER datasets (in matlab format)

There are two variables in each data file. Below is the description of the two variables.

FeatureSetC:FeatureSetC(:,i)  is the ith sample vector. The columns of FeatureSetC are ordered according to the identity of each column (namely the corresponding person id)

SampleCountEachPerson: SampleCountEachPerson(i) indicates the number of samples from the ith person

Download: ilids  viper ethz (Sometimes, directly clicking the link may not trigger the download. In this case, please use "save as" operation)

Code for RDC (relative distance comparison)

Paper: Wei-Shi Zheng, Shaogang Gong, and Tao Xiang, "Re-identification by Relative Distance Comparison," IEEE Trans. on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, 2013