Brief Bio

My English name is Jason. I have joint SUN YAT-SEN University since Jan. 2011 under the one-hundred-people program. And I have been a full professor since Jan. 2016. I have been a Deputy Director of Key Laboratory of Machine Intelligence and Advanced Computing, Ministry of Education since July 2016. 

My early research was on face recognition based on subspace methods, when I worked for Ph.D. degree in Applied Mathematics with Prof. Jianhuang Lai and Prof. Pong C. Yuen at Sun Yat-sen University and Hong Kong Baptist University. I have been a visiting student working with Prof. Stan Z. Li at the Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences. There, I started my research on sparsity learning for pattern recognition with sparse one-sided non-negativity matrix factorisation.

After 2008, I worked as a Postdoctoral Researcher on the European SAMURAI project for person association with Prof. Shaogang Gong  and Dr. Tao Xiang. In Queen Mary University of London, I proposed to use relative comparison to overcome the ill-posed matching problem between the appearance of people across non-overlapping camera views. The idea was also extended to group of people association. I also created an i-LIDS dataset for evaluating this matching problem. 

After I joined Sun Yat-sen University in 2011, I am now focusing on three research areas: 1) person re-identification under challenging scenarios, 2) action prediction and group activity recognition, and 3) the related large scale machine learning research (hashing for fast search, unsupervised learning, and deep learning).

- Cheung Kong Scholar Distinguished Professor (Ministry of Education, P.R.C.) 
- NSFC for Excellent Young Scientist 
- Royal Society-Newton Advanced Fellowship (
- Guangdong Province Science and Technology Innovation Leading Talents  (
- Guangdong Natural Science Funds for Distinguished Young Scholars (
- Microsoft Research Asia StarTrack Visiting Young Faculty Program (
微软青年学者铸星 计划)
- Guangdong Natural Science Award, First Prize (
广东省自然科学奖一等奖, 2018)
中国图象图形学学会自然科学奖一等奖, 2020
- The Second Prize of Excellent University Achievement Award (Natural Science), Ministry of Education (
-  Guangdong Natural Science Award, Second Prize (
广东省自然科学奖二等奖, 2020)
- Guangdong Science and Technology Progress Award, Second Prize (
广东省科学技术进步奖二等奖, 2016)
吴文俊科学技术进步奖二等奖, 2020
- Guangzhou Science and Technology Progress Award, First Prize (
广州市科学技术进步奖一等奖, 2014)
- Sun Yat-sen University Young Teachers Teaching Competition, Second Prize Award 
中山大学青年教师授课大赛二等奖, 2014, 比赛课程《线性代数》)
- Outstanding Reviewer Award, ECCV 2016
- Outstanding Reviewer, CVPR 2017
- Outstanding Area Chair Award, ICME 2020


Service & Academic Activity

- Director, Key Laboratory of Machine Intelligence and Advanced Computing, Ministry of Education, 2023.5-Now
- Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence(TPAMI),2023-Now

- Editorial Board, Artificial Intelligence Journal, 2024-Now
- Associate Editor, Pattern Recognition, 2018-Now
- IEEE MSA TC Member
- Young Associate Editor, Frontiers of Computer Science
- Area Chair, NIPS 2023
- Area Chair, CVPR 2023/2021
- Area Chair, ICCV 2021
- Area Chair, IJCAI 2021
- Area Chair, BMVC 2018/2019/2020
- Area Chair, ICPR 2018, ICIP 2020
- SPC for AAAI, 2020
- SPC for IJCAI 2019/2020
- Area Chair, IEEE Conference Series on Advanced Video and Signal based Surveillance (AVSS), 2012. 
- Publication Chair, IEEE Conference Series on Advanced Video and Signal based Surveillance (AVSS), 2017
- Programme Chair, Chinese Confrence on Biometric Recognition (CCBR), 2012, 2015, 2016.
Programme Committee Members: ICCV, CVPR, ECCV, BMVC, BTAS, ICPR, ICIP, ACCV, AVSS ....... 

- Reviewer for:
  *IEEE Trans. on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence.
  * IEEE Trans. on Image Processing
  * IEEE Trans. on Neural Networks.
  * Pattern Recognition.
  *IEEE Trans. on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology.
  Many other transactions and elsevier journals ......


Challenge Competition:

- 1st Place in CVPR  Moments in TimeChallenge 2018 (by my students)

- 2nd Place in ChaLearn LAP Large-scale Isolated Gesture Recognition Challenge @ICCV 2017

- 1st Place in WMH Segmentation Challenge @MICCAI 2017

- 2nd Place in Microsoft Azure for Research Grant Prize 2017 
- 1st Place in ACM MM Grand Challenge on Large-scale Human-centric Video Analysis in Complex Events(Track-1), 2020


Research Funding (In Chinese)
主持NSFC-广东省大数据中心中心项目(集成项目) 重点课题

- 主持广东省自然科学基金青年创新团队项目
主持企业横向课题 12