Wei-Shi Zheng 


Intelligence SciencE and systEm Lab (iSEE)

School of Computer Science and Engineering

Sun Yat-sen University, Higher Education Mega Center, Guangzhou, China

Associate Dean of School of Data and Computer Science

E-mail: wszheng at ieee.org

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Research Direction: Machine Vision Understanding and Learning

Recent Research Focus:
1. Image and Video Understanding:
    (1) Person Re-identification   (2) Action Recognition & Early Prediction &
    (3) 3D Modelling and AI Robotics  

2. Machine Learning Algorithms:
    (1) Self-supervised Learning     (2) Weakly Supervised Learning   
    (3) Big/Small Deep Model Learning

All of you who really like to do research on artificial intelligence are welcomed!
It does not matter whether you are a graduate student or just an undergraduate;
as long as you are willing to work hard, you are welcomed to join my research
team, and I will enjoy immensely working with you!

Open Teaching Videos for Linear Algebra @ SYSU
中 山大学"线性代数"实时课堂教学视频集(CS,EE)

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